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Taco Round-Up: West Central

The EatABQ team is always on the hunt for the best taco in the city, and we’ve done some area round-ups to help you with the search for the crunchy goodness. Deep in Westside Central holds some of Albuquerque’s household names. It may take some time driving over to grab a bite, but trust me, it’s well worth it.

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El Bruno’s Restauranté Y Cantina

In the gorgeous area of Los Ranchos lies a quaint cantina containing one of the more well-known margaritas in Albuquerque. I’m not talking about any normal margarita; it’s actually an award-winning cocktail that El Bruno’s conceived. Of course, when I hear of an establishment that has been able to garner interest from the media on […]

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Lindo Mexico Grill & Seafood Is a Hidden Gem

It seems margaritas go hand-in-hand with New Mexicans and our cuisine. Finding a good margarita can be a challenge sometimes, the balance of sweet and sour and tequila is crucial. You don’t want your drink to taste overly tart—not too overpowered. You want a crisp, refreshing drink—and luckily, I found the ideal spot. Right across […]