There used to be a dingy little spot near Downtown that featured a Taco Tuesday night every week. The tacos were greasy, loaded with fat, but cheap, and a great deal for the university kids across the street.  That place used to be The Copper Lounge—used to be. Now, it’s the newly renovated speakeasy donning the same name.

It’s been a couple of years since the newly revamped bar reopened its doors with stunning appeal. The first time I had a chance to head in, I felt I was in the movie The Great Gatsby. Decorated with vibrant tones of black and gold, the vibe was straight out of the Prohibition era. Each item that decorated the area was incredibly sleek. Usually, a place with no windows is an automatic no-go for me; but here you don’t want to break the immersion of being in a different time with a glimpse at the real world outside.

Alongside the stunning environment is their wildly experimental cocktail menu. One of the first drinks off the list I had to try was the Italian Stallion, named after the iconic Sylvester Stallone character. The bourbon-based drink is the perfect homage to an old fashioned. Strong and blunt, its name fitted the cocktail perfectly. If you’re more of a sweet-toothed drinker, try their Kingston Spice. Its Caribbean flair features a build much like a mai tai—but with a kick. Thanks to the added chile and thyme, you’ll experience a spicy yet punchy drink.

Now, I wouldn’t go to Copper if you’re hungry. Go if you want a perfectly crafted mixed drink. But if you feel like snacking, they do offer a pretty nice hors d’oeuvres menu. If you decide to order the Kingston Spice, I suggest pairing it with some Elote ($8). A classic Mexican dish, the spices will generate a sensation in your mouth.

The Copper Lounge

1504 Central Ave. SE

Neighborhood: Nob Hill

Category: Bar and Lounge

Phone: (505) 242-7490




Cade Guererro

Cade is young journalist who has worked at publication in Austin, Santa Fe and Albuquerque. He focuses on the cultural topics of Albuquerque.

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