It seems like more and more eateries are popping up in pandemic times. While restaurateurs see this as a possibility of reaping the benefits of the past lockdowns and the potential return to normalcy, food entrepreneurs are acting quickly to open up shop. Over on the Westside, a little wing shack, Wing Tyme, has opened its door to the public. But it has a bit of a funny story on how it all began.

Owner Ming Lu runs a Chinese restaurant by the name of Rose Garden. During the take-out-only period and even before, Rose Garden was receiving wing orders by the number. Realizing the potential in a wing-focused establishment, Lu began to put the wheels in motion on opening up another project.

“One day I was trying to think what’s good for business? After I realized there weren’t a ton of local wing spots in the area, that’s when I realized I should open up my own,” Lu explains. “Even though we are in the middle of the pandemic, I want to develop something that invests in the local community, even if we aren’t in a good economical time right now.”

Lu has been able to establish Wing Tyme with the reputation of Rose Garden. Word has gotten around about these wings and rightfully so, as I had the pleasure to drive over to the Westside and try them myself. Chicken, especially fried, can be a make-or-break to lovers and connoisseurs of the food. It’s not like steak; you have to make sure it’s cooked all the way through. And on top of that, the crispiness adds to the quality. After the first bite, I could tell Lu had his recipe down. Succulent, juicy and tender, each wing was breaded and fried to golden perfection. And with a plethora of wing sauces to choose from, you probably won’t get tired of it.

The chicken industry is filled with corporate titans like WingStop, Buffalo Wild Wings and even fast food joints, but that doesn’t matter to Lu. What he sees is an opportunity to do something different and more personable.

“Everyone one knows these big corporate wing places, plus they are all over the dtates. We are still new, but I plan on expanding. I’ll be honest; I’ve never tried Buffalo Wild Wings, but I’ve had WingStop, and honestly, I don’t like it. I can make better wings!” Lu laughs. 

Lu truly makes some tasty wings, take my word for it. I’ve tried wings from all over Albuquerque, and so far you can’t beat these. Their mango habanero and their Thai curry have that Asian zest that carries over from Rose Garden, and their signature Buffal0 is a classic you can always go back to. It’s a delicious new spot that will hopefully overthrow those mega-corps and cement their spot as Albuquerque’s own wing go-to.

Wing Tyme

6541 Paradise Blvd. NW Suite D

Neighborhood: Westside

Category: Asian/Chicken

Phone: (505) 898-2767





Cade Guererro

Cade is young journalist who has worked at publication in Austin, Santa Fe and Albuquerque. He focuses on the cultural topics of Albuquerque.

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