In the gorgeous area of Los Ranchos lies a quaint cantina containing one of the more well-known margaritas in Albuquerque. I’m not talking about any normal margarita; it’s actually an award-winning cocktail that El Bruno’s conceived. Of course, when I hear of an establishment that has been able to garner interest from the media on a specialty of theirs, I have to go check it out myself.

With the first sip, you’ll recognize El Bruno’s tangy concoction is the perfect mixture of margarita ingredients. Freshly squeezed lime juice matched with gold tequila—I definitely had to re-up on another. It’s not your average marg either; it packs a heavy punch, so brace yourself.

Paired with El Bruno’s delectable drink is their traditional New Mexican-style menu. Stacked with all the classics, the menu has whatever you’re looking for. If you’re like me and you love that local chile, I suggest you order their chile rellenos ($15.99), breaded and fried to golden perfection with chile and beans. It’s a match made in heaven.

El Bruno’s offers a very alluring atmosphere to all their patrons. With a nice patio to sit down in and enjoy your experience, the Los Ranchos location does this place justice. It’s always nice to find a low-key New Mexican restaurant with a great lineup here in our hometown. Now that El Bruno is coming up on their 50-year anniversary, it’s given you an opportunity to check it out yourself.

El Bruno’s Restauranté Y Cantina

8806 Fourth St. NW

Neighborhood: Los Ranchos

Category: New Mexican

Phone: (505) 897-0444




Cade Guererro

Cade is young journalist who has worked at publication in Austin, Santa Fe and Albuquerque. He focuses on the cultural topics of Albuquerque.

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