Bocadillos is hands-down the best sandwich shop in the “WeDo” district of West Downtown. They specialize in slow-roasted meats inside a crunchy bun, and their sandwiches will certainly light up your life. 

Bocadillos got its start renting out a small spot in the Green Jeans complex off of I-40 before transitioning Downtown. A spot that thrived off its preparation and rich menu, this hip place keeps going as word gets around they aren’t messing around. Chef and co-owner Marie Yniguez gained national attention when the cafe appeared on an episode of “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” on the Food Network and she won a “Chopped” competition, taking home the $10,000 prize.

How hard is it to make a sandwich? It’s not a complicated task, but to perfect the art of making one something is far different. Bocadillos has perfected the sandwich—from toasting the bread to getting the right crispiness to ensuring every topping is fresh to the next. Developing a sandwich that balances juiciness and crunchiness is the black belt equivalent to the art.

If you’re starting up your car and heading to West Downtown as your reading this, here’s one must-try item. The 505 Filthy ($8.50) is eye-catching in name and easily the best on the menu. It’s got New Mexico in every bite you take: fresh green chile with chicken and bacon. With chipotle mayo slathered on, it will make your tongue tingle.

Head over in the morning for awesome breakfast burritos as well. The Heart Stopper Burrito ($6.50) combines papas, queso, your choice of meat and eggs wrapped in traditional handmade tortillas.

Bocadillos is a spot you can’t miss. As well as its hidden, they’ve managed to keep busy with word of mouth. Make this a Downtown priority.

Slow Roasted Bocadillos Downtown

200 Lomas Blvd NW Suite 110

Neighborhood: Downtown

Category: Sandwich Shop

Phone: (505) 243-3995




Cade Guererro

Cade is young journalist who has worked at publication in Austin, Santa Fe and Albuquerque. He focuses on the cultural topics of Albuquerque.

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