You can tell a lot about a place by the stories its food tells. To be regarded as a food destination, you’ve really got to earn it. Something like that can take thousands of years of building heritage, tradition, and pride. It takes the type of love that you have to taste to believe.

Food is evidence of the soul of our ancestors. The fusion, mixing and adaptation of food is the promise of a future that celebrates difference and welcomes the opportunity to try something new.

Locals already know that Albuquerque has that secret sauce–it comes in red, green, or both, and it’s always spicy. We’ve really stepped up our food game in the last couple of decades, too. The beautiful melting pot that is the Duke City has some of the best food from around the world!

There’s no doubt that the restaurant industry (and the people who work in it) has been devastated by the pandemic. That’s why we at The Paper. have decided to take action and do our part to support our people and our heritage.

Introducing: EatABQ – our way of highlighting the most interesting stories about the best food in town. Read our restaurant reviews to find something new or different to eat–we’ve got all our content organized by cuisine and by neighborhood! Get the latest information about new openings and events, plus we’ll keep you up to date on restaurant industry news. It’s all here at EatABQ.

Well, almost all of it. Do you have a restaurant news tip? Is your favorite place to chow down having an incredible special? Or maybe you own a restaurant and you’re holding an event and need to tell the world about it.

If other people should know what you know, we want to know! Send us an email at

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